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Hi guys!

Digimon Xros wars 02 is already out there! Tell me your thoughts!

My personal thoughts:
I don't know what to think, I guess I'm going to give it a try since is the same feeling I got when I saw Savers for the first time and savers turned out to be awesome in the end.
-I'm glad now that Taiki didn't lose his position as the leader since Tagiru is an idiot.
-Yuu, you are freaking awesome.
-Hoping they include Nene and Kiriha later on in the story.
-I really like the animations
-My fav part of the episode was when shoutmon spoke at the end of the episode
- Yay! McDonalds is a new sponsor for Xros wars! Meaning toys? yes?

-whats up with the old man in this season? The black digivice should belong to the epic digi-destined that is suppose to appear later on in the season.
-I reeeeeaaaaalllllly hope Tagiru's digivice turns into sky blue digivice or something that is similar to his digimon's color. -what the ffuuuuu with the pink Gabumon from the silver hair dude! .
-So who do you think it will be Taigiru's rival?
-Don't like the new girl at all but I guess that was probably the only personality for a girl not use yet? xD
-I like the idea of Time but Hunting digimons sounds a lot like catching pokemons. Sorry for the comparison but Im a big fan of pokemon and digimon being totally different but every time they look more a like. :faint:
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wdragoon Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
nice n_n
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hi im new here!

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hello! Welcome!
NeoHydra77 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Um if you're interested I got two pictures I worked on; one of Lilithmon and the other is Spadamon.
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can can can CAN I JOIN PLEASE???กกกก sorry im very happy now i found you!!! X3

pleaseeee? :3

Digi Xross!!! :giggle:
SoftMonKeychains Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hello! Thanks for asking to add my Psychemon digital drawing before :)
I have a new piece of fanart, this time featuring Astamon and Ryouma and would to know if you are interested to add in your collection as well ;) -> [link]
Sansomon Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
The old heroes reunite! All together in the great final battle!

The DigiQuartz, creates the worst Digimon ever seen, Quartzmon, he finally shows its form. Quartzmon tries to change the reality of the human world, turning it into DigiQuartz, and try to eliminate humans. To meet the enormous power of the enemy, the previous generation of Digimon meets.

It's the Final Battle.

Quartzmon: Its shape is like a huge tower made of rock. It is made from multiple copies of Digimon. It evolves into its final form.

Imperialdramon: Mega Digimon A \ Final appeared at the end of Digimon 02!

Omegamon: One of the Royal Knights to protect justice, he is the guardian, who led the Taiki in the Digital World.

Susanoomon: A Mega Digimon \ Final of the 4th season (Digimon Frontier)

Dukemon: A Mega Digimon \ End of season 3 (Digimon Tamers)

ShineGreymon: Mega Digimon \ End of season 5 (Digimon Savers)

Arresterdramon: Your ultimate weapon "Brave Snatcher" which attacks the tip of its tail, will be a challenge in the final battle.

Tagiru: Question by taiki who is injured, and fight with the other five leaders!

Probably the Taiki will be used as the final sacrifice for Quartzmon, perhaps the Taiki is the factor responsible for the entire war that even involved the plot of the first and second season Xros Wars! Let's wait ...

Sansomon Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
The RAW of episode 54:

Sansomon Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
[Official] Digimon Xros Wars: Young Hunters!




Episode # 55 We Digimon Hunters!
Display Date: 01/10/2011
Network TV: TV Asahi


A new chapter in Digimon Xros Wars: The young hunters running through the time is finally beginning! This phase begins after one year they won the Generals of Death. Taiki and Yuu are already studying in school Junior, along with Tagiru, and formed a basketball team called "Xros Heart." The day-to-day are of them, this time peacefully. One day, Taiki testifies to the fact of the universe to be "floating" and sees a shadow that looks like a monster.
After that, there are three mysterious people, they are Ryouma, Ren and Airu. So say: "From today, this city will become noisy. The only game that is just our start." What does it mean what they talk about?

The other day, Tagiru realize the voice of someone dying, is the voice of Gumdramon. With this chance, Tagiru went to the Digimon world where they live, the "Digi Quartz." Tagiru is attracted by the hunting of Digimon in the place and decided to help Gumdramon, and follows its course to become a hunter Digimon.


somevidgameguy12 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconshoutmonplz: I made this plz account if anyone wants to use it :meow:
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